10 Household and Kitchen Items You'll Want at the Campsite

These items will serve double duty both at home and at the campsite.

We get a kick out of finding things that can be used in our outdoor adventures just as easily as they're incorporated into our daily lives back home.

With that idea in mind, we've got a list of 10 things that can easily be applied to both settings, and in essence are helping you save money by finding multiple uses for one thing (instead of buying more stuff).

These are some of the things we feel are important to have, and that can be used for multiple things in multiple places.

Ozark Trail 12-in-1 Multitool

Whoever doesn't have a multitool is missing out. This Ozark Trail 12-in-1 will save you lots of space in your utility drawer at home, and be endlessly useful while camping. It comes in a snap-close sheath and is under $15.

Cuisinart Advantage 12-Piece Stainless Steel Knives

You might be wondering about the crossover here, but there's plenty of good things about having a knife set like this one from Cuisinart for both the home kitchen and the campsite. Depending on what you're trying to cook, you can divide the collection into "home" and "away" groups, and the bright colors prevent them from getting lost (in a full drawer or the ground). The main reason we really like these for camping is the covers; you can easily pack these with less concern for a sliced travel bag or worse, an injury and a trip to the hospital.

Norpro Flexible Cutting Boards

If you're letting your knife set serve double duty, then a set of cutting boards would be a smart addition. These Norpro Flexible Cutting Boards take up very little space and help make food prep (both at home and the campgrounds) easier.

Ozark Trail Steel Hammock Chair

Once you sit in one of these super-comfortable Hammock Chairs from Ozark Trail, you'll never want to be without one. The backyard and the campsite both serve as excellent settings for a cozy, durable chair you can lean back in and really get comfortable.

Expert Grill Digital Thermometer

The only thing worse than serving undercooked meat to friends or family is doing so while out in the wilderness. Avoid that with a battery-operated Expert Grill Digital Thermometer to ensure you're cooking food to safe levels of doneness.

Stanley Camp Coffee Percolator

Coffee brewed in an old school percolator is tough to beat. Having one of these Stanley Camp Coffee Percolators on a camping trip is great, but don't discount the value of using one at home each morning.

Hyper Tough Camp Axe

As long as you aren't trying to fell large trees by yourself, a tool like this Hyper Tough Camp Axe would work great for reasonable jobs in the backyard. Bring it along to camp, and you've not only got a way to harvest a bit of firewood, but a built-in tent stake mallet as well. Just be sure to use the opposite side from the blade!

Ozark Trail Twin Air Mattress

Having a couple spare air mattresses around the house is smart, but when they can deflate and fold up to such a small size, then bringing them along on a camping trip makes perfect sense, too. The Ozark Trail Twin Mattresses have a small footprint and will fit into most tents easily. Be sure you have a way to inflate them once you get to your campsite.

Thermacell Lookout Mosquito Repellant Lantern

The back patio is a favorite place of ours to get a little outdoors fix, and a Thermacell Lookout Lantern makes for a great accompaniment. Bring it into the woods on your next camping trip, and you'll almost instantly see the multiple benefits.

Meade Instruments Adventure Scope 60mm Refractor Telescope

Finally, we decided to think a bit outside the box for our last entry to this list, and settled on a 60mm Refractor Telescope for stargazing. Sure, the night skies can look incredible from home, but if you get to a place farther away from light pollution sources, then you're really using a telescope to its fullest.