4 Cross-Purpose Outdoor Supplies for the Backyard AND the Campsite

If being a good consumer is your thing, these cross-purpose outdoor supplies will be perfect for double duty.

To maintain my self-appointed role as a thrifty outdoorsman, I've been sure to always keep a little cross-purposing in mind when making new purchases. It's especially important to me when it's a big ticket, high-priced item. And that importance seems to multiply when we're talking camping gear.

If I can use these things just as much at home, on the patio or in the backyard, as I would at the campsite, I'm coming out ahead. The more use I get out of something means more value for my hard-earned money, but that also means what I choose has to be durable and long-lasting.

These four things are frontrunners when i think of the easy-to-cross products that work as well at the campground as they do at home. You'll always have a use for them, and they're worth finding good quality versions. We've done that for you with this selection of popular, highly-reviewed items that are easily found online.

Heavy Duty Cooler

Ozark Trail gear falls under that "more bang for your buck" category, and their 52-quart High Performance Hard Sided Cooler is a great multipurpose ice chest.

Like coolers are expected to these days, this one is proven to hold ice for an extended period, especially important on a multi-day camping trip. But it's also great to know it'll keep beverages cold for your backyard get together on a hot summer afternoon too.

Equipped with Microban, the Ozark Trail High Performance Cooler battles against the build-up of bacterial odors and stains while also making it easier to clean. There's even a fish ruler and four drink holders on the lid, so it's a mini table and measuring stick as well. What can't this cooler do?!

Comfortable Seating

As long as you aren't backpacking into the wilderness, some really nice folding chairs to take a load off are awesome camping accessories. And if you can't picture yourself reclining in a Zero Gravity Chair like this one, you're in need of a new, relaxed perspective. Seriously, if you haven't sat in one of these yet, you owe it to yourself, and this set comes with two and includes attached cup holders and a small end table.

The best part is these have an adjustable headrest and can lock in place once reclined, meaning you can find the sweet spot and settle in nicely. Everything folds down nicely so it travels well and stores easily.

Cast Iron Cookset

There's no way you'll regret some good old cast iron, and this set that includes a reversible griddle, 10.5-inch skillet, and 8-inch skillet will take care of just about everything you'd need, short of a gigantic meal for a huge group.

The main reason I like this Ozark Trail set for both the home kitchen and the camp kitchen is because of the sizes: the pieces aren't too heavy or bulky to make them useless in terms of camping. You can even carry these to more primitive, hike-in campsites without a huge amount of trouble.

Plus, they're already pre-seasoned. Take it from me: the ideal way to fry up some bacon, either atop the campfire or in the home kitchen, is in a cast iron skillet.

Made in the Shade

If only you could fork over the money to build that professional pergola over your back porch, then you'd use your backyard a lot more, right? I found a much more budget-friendly way to get basically the same thing, with an added bonus.

This Canopy Screen House shades the sun when you need a break, but also keeps bugs and other critters out. What's great about going this route is the versatility. I've used a screened-in canopy like this for a camping kitchen to keep insects and sun away from the food, and I've set it up in my backyard for my kids to have a place to relax without swatting mosquitoes and risking sunburn. We even put there kiddie pool inside it, which was an instant hit.

These are the sort of purchases that I'm happy to make because I know they're going to go a long way. They'll serve me and my family well both at home and on the camping trail, which is almost akin to getting two products for the price of one.

As long as you take good care of your stuff, look for items with good warranties, and do your homework, you can get good life out of double-duty camping and backyard gear all the time.