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Watch This Horse Create a Masterpiece One Brushstroke at a Time

Every pet needs enrichment activities to stay healthy and happy. Dogs and cats love playing with puzzles, lasers, and interactive toys, but figuring out brain games to engage our barnyard friends can be a little more difficult. While it may not be a mainstream concept, there are plenty of ways to keep your horse entertained—and most of them are DIY. Even though horses go for rides with their owners, and some know some really cool tricks, that isn't always enough mental stimulation. Horses love to play and do activities just as much as the next pet! They play with horse toys, puzzles, ropes, and more. However, some horses have hobbies that are way outside the box.

Take Couper, a TikTok-famous equine who really loves to paint. This clever horse known for his "many talents" uses traditional painting supplies and his own creativity to put together colorful masterpieces. Since Couper can't use his hooves to hold a paintbrush, he picks it up with his mouth. He also chooses his own colors by picking them up with his mouth, signaling to his owner which paint containers to open. Then, the talented horse gets to work!

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In one video, Couper creates a painting that his owner titled "Meadow Dreams." First, Couper chooses his non-toxic paint colors from a lineup. Then his owner sets the canvas up and he begins crafting his equine art one brushstroke at a time. Couper leads off with the blue paint, making blue designs all over the canvas. At first, it looks like he's painting a face—but soon, an amazing image begins to form that resembles trees and flowers in a field. How cool is that?! If you love Couper's style and want an original piece of his work, the horse's paintings occasionally go up for auction on eBay. Follow his TikTok account for a chance to snag one!

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