10 Horse Toys Bored Equines Won't Be Able to Resist

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These 10 toys for horses can work magic on a bored horse.

Let's face it: horses, especially stall-bound horses, spend a lot of their time just standing around, and for intelligent creatures, all that downtime has to be somewhat dull. Bored horses can become destructive or pick up bad habits like cribbing and pacing.

Luckily there are many equine toys and treats designed to help keep stall-bound horses happy and active. They need playtime too!

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Here are 10 boredom-busting toys that your horse won't be able to resist.

Why You Should Consider Horse Toys writes, "Having a toy in the stall is especially good for horses who tend to pick up bad habits such as stall weaving, pacing, pawing, wind-sucking, and cribbing. These nasty habits are believed to be induced by horses spending too much time indoors when they have energetic tendencies."

Horse toys are great for preventing bad habits and keeping horses happy! No one wants to deal with a horse with an attitude, right? You may spend more money trying to correct nasty habits, so invest in toys for horses to keep them happy and healthy.

You should definitely consider horse toys for younger horses with lots of energy. Some toys are even treats! We all know animals love treats, so consider the salt lick, one of our favorite picks on this list.

Toys for Horses & Horse Treats for Enrichment

1. Horsemen's Pride 10" Horse Jolly Ball

Horse care doesn't have to be complicated. Just grab your riding horse this Jolly stall snack! Jolly Balls are one of the best-known horse toys for a reason.

They're rugged, versatile, and help alleviate equine boredom in the stall and the pasture. You can even find a bubble gum-scented Jolly Ball horse toy here. They're going to love this boredom breaker.

Hang the treat ball in your horse's stall or put it in the pasture as a pasture toy.

2. Horsemen's Pride 40' Jolly Mega Ball Green

If your horse needs some extra entertainment in the pasture, this ball might be the perfect toy. There's a foot pump included for keeping the proper air pressure for the ultimate play experience.

3. Horseman's Pride Stall Snack Holder with Apple-Scented Jolly Ball

This horse ball is a treat and toy in one. Instead of pacing or cribbing, horses can pass their time enjoying the Stall Snack or playing with the apple-scented ball.

4. Horseman's Pride Pas-A-Fier Stall Toy

Apple-scented with a rotating device designed to massage your horse's gums, this product can keep your horse occupied for hours when mounted in the stall.

5. Animal Licking Himalayan Pink Salt Lick

Himalayan rock salt will offer long-lasting fun for your horse. Your horse will be able to get a healthy dose of iron and potassium from the salt.

6. Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls

This ball toy/treat combo is lots of fun for horses to lick and grab and is packed with vitamins and minerals, too.

7. Horsemen's Pride 14 in. Jolly Tug

Make it a playdate with the Jolly Tug! This is perfect for multi-horse stalls. There are two handles for your horses to tug on, and it'll only cost you $40. Find it in stock on Amazon.

8. Manna Pro Likit Boredom Buster, Lilac

I watched the product video, and it sure does look like horses have a ball with this toy! It encourages grazing behavior, and Little Likit refills come in five different flavors. Horse owners say their horses love it.

9. Jolly Pets Amazing Graze, Teal

Horse owners love this treat toy dispenser. The review speaks for itself.

10. Shires Ball Feeder for Horses

This toy works as an eating aid. It encourages a slower eating pattern. Since your horse will be pushing the ball around for treats, they will have much more fun doing this rather than feeding from a bucket!

With these toys in your arsenal, your horse's days are sure to be filled with fun.

Be sure to visit Chewy for all the new products that horses can't resist. Also, consider DIY toys with milk jugs and treats.

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This post was originally published on March 13, 2017.

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