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15 Awesome Collectible Breyer Horses for Horse Lovers

Whether you're an avid collector or are looking for the perfect toy for a horse-loving child, you won't be able to pass up these 15 Breyer horses. 

In the world of model horses, there's one brand that dominates all the others: Breyer.

Breyer horses are stunningly realistic, and they're ready to adorn your shelf or to take part in hours of pony play. Breyers are adored by both children and adults, so whether you're looking to add to your model horse collection or are searching for the perfect gift for a child in your life, you'll want to consider these Breyer horses.

1. Breyer Misty & Stormy Model & Book Set

"Misty of Chincoteague" is a must-read in any horse lover's life, and Breyer brings the story to life with models of both Misty and her foal, Stormy.

2. Breyer Stablemates Horse Family Painting Craft Activity Set

Breyers seem to come in almost every color under the sun, but now you can paint your very own model with this activity set. Paint the horse of your dreams or paint a model to look like that special horse in your life. Do you dare try to paint an Appaloosa?

3. Breyer Beachcomber 2017 Special edition Horse

Stunningly beautiful and full of spirit, Beachcomber is a special edition, so you'd better act fast if you want to add him to your collection.

4. Breyer Gypsy Vanner Toy Figure

Do model horses get any more realistic than this guy? We don't think so.

5. Breyer American Pharaoh Classics Model Doll

Own a piece of history with this American Pharoah replica. The first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown, American Pharoah is depicted with his brilliantly colored saddlecloth. This classic is in Breyer's traditional series and is considered a true collectible. It would also make a great gift!

6. Breyer Valegro - Reigning World & Olympic Dressage Champion - Traditional Model Doll

Who doesn't love dressage superstar Valegro? Now you can have a Valegro of your very own in your home.

7. Breyer Classics Chalkboard Horse Craft Activity Set

With this chalkboard horse, young horse lovers don't just have to play with the model - they can write on him, too.

8. Breyer Picasso Toy

Capture a wild Western horse of your own with Picasso, the brilliantly colored mustang from Colorado.

9. Breyer Harley D Zip

Champion Quarter Horse Harley D Zip is ready to gallop right into your heart.

10. Breyer Rhapsody - Arabian Traditional Model Doll, Black

Arabian broodmare Rhapsody in Black epitomizes the beauty and grace of the Arabian breed.

11. Breyer Babyflo - Champion Barrel Racer Traditional Model Doll

Can't get enough of barrel racer Fallon Taylor and Babyflo? Now you can have a Babyflo of your very own to imagine barrel racing with.

12. Breyer Patriot Traditional Model Horse

No Breyer collection is complete without Patriot, the Limited Edition Saddlebred who proudly sports the colors of the American Flag.

13. Xavier Unicorn

And let's not forget our unicorns. Xavier the unicorn is perfect for play or collecting.

14. Spirit

One of my favorite DreamWorks movies! There's even a comb for Spirit's mane.

15. Breyer Classics Palamino Quarter Horse & Foal

How sweet! Introduce the concept of foals to your mini horse lover with this Horse & Foal Set.

These Breyer model horses are so much more than toys! Some serious collectors can spend hundreds of dollars and lots of time to acquire some serious collections! There is even an annual festival called Breyerfest where fans come together to check out new products and join the collectors club.

This post was originally posted on September 21, 2017.

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