Hornet Nest
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Jaw-Dropping Hornet's Nest Removal Captured on Video

This is one serious hornet infestation.

As important as bees, wasps, and hornets are to our planet's environment, it can be an extremely dangerous situation if a person accidentally disturbs a large nest. And if they find a quiet place with no humans, it does not take long for them to set up shop and then defend it to the death when someone tries to remove it.

This type of job calls for someone experienced in nest removal. It also calls for some heavy-duty protective equipment. Because the hornets are not about to let you remove their home without a fight.

Such is the case with this incredibly large nest of hornets found in Louisiana. The man removing the nest sets his camera rolling before he gets to work to capture the chaos of what happens next. Make sure your sound is on for this one. The sounds of the angry insects striking the camera will make you shudder.

Personally, we would let the hornets have the shed before we tangled with a nest of this magnitude! This is the second video of this massive nest. The first video shows what the nest looked like before he started ripping it apart. You can better see how it looked undisturbed in the other video below. Along the way, he finds multiple queens helping to sustain this massive colony.

The sound of those hornets hitting the camera is otherworldly and extremely creepy. It is like a scene straight out of a horror movie. It appears the shed had been neglected for a very long time, possibly years, which allowed these hornets to comfortably make themselves at home. They were slowly taking over the entire interior of this shed!

While many people can deal with small infestations on their own, a nest of this magnitude usually calls for the help of a professional. Just for safety reasons. Even someone who is not allergic to insect stings could probably be killed after tangling with a nest of this size. The video's description notes the entire removal process took 45 minutes and he was never stung once thanks to that protective equipment.

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