Yellow Jacket Nest
YouTube: Shawn Woods

Using Dry Ice to Destroy a Yellow Jacket Nest

Will this method of using dry ice work on a yellow jacket nest?

When it comes to insects you do not want to find in your yard, the yellow jacket ranks up there near the top. This social wasp is one of the leading causes of conflict between humans and bugs. Because their nests are often hidden underground, many sting victims do not see the nest until it is too late.

This creates a dangerous situation, especially with younger children and people who are allergic to insect stings. This means that when you find a nest, you should either remove it, or have someone else do it.

There are a variety of ways to go about destroying a nest. One of the more popular ways is simply to drown them with soapy water. However, there is another way to kill yellow jackets and it involves dry ice. YouTuber Shawn Woods decided to try this method on a nest at his brother's place just to see how well it works.

It is safe to say that while dry ice will kill a nest of yellow jackets, it is probably not the most effective method of extinguishing a dangerous hive. Or at least one that is in the ground. We have seen photos of nests in buildings and inside long abandoned cars. The dry ice method will probably be much more effective in those cases since it is an enclosed space. The yellow jackets die because of the CO2.

The thing that most impressed us was the jar test. It did not take long at all to kill all the yellow jackets he captured. Regardless of the method, if you have protective equipment, you should use it. Too many stings can be dangerous for anyone. At the very least, wear thick clothing and gloves. It is also a good idea to hit the nest at night since the insects are much less active when it is dark outside.

This was a fascinating experiment, and one we will be keeping in mind for any nests we encounter in an enclosed space in the future.

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