Giant Wasp Nest
YouTube: Stinger Creations

The Interior of This Chevy Malibu is One Giant Yellow Jacket Nest

Who wants to go for a ride?

There are few excuses for being late to work that won't be questioned, but if you sent your boss this video, it's almost certain he or she would give you the day off.

Here we have a video of an older Chevy Malibu that's completely infested with wasps, as nearly every inch of the interior is masked by what looks like a giant surplus of papier-mâché.

Fortunately these guys have beekeeper suits on, otherwise they'd be at the mercy of what looks like one of the largest wasp nests ever caught on video.

A man named Jude, who runs a YouTube channel called Stinger Creations, films many of the ins and outs of his job as a beekeeper, a honeybee preserver and an exterminator in southern Louisiana.

This particular case was probably one of the wildest ones he's seen, though, as there were enough southern yellowjackets to kill someone.

He decided to break the footage up into three separate segments. In the first clip, he lets us see what the nest looks like before provoking it, showing just how big they can get down in Louisiana.

In the second clip, he decides to stick the nest with a long pole of some kind to get a reaction from the wasps. He even sets up a dummy to highlight the their tendency to swarm when provoked, leaving us with a horrifying image of what a hypothetical attack would look like.

And in the final video, he seemingly decides to have some fun, hopping in the car as if he's about to drive it somewhere. Of course, he's safe in his beekeeper gear.

Well, I think it's safe to say this is one of the most terrifying scenes we've ever seen!