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Bobcat and Rattlesnake Tussle in the Middle of a Texas Road

Facebook: MB Ranch King Hunting Blinds

Two unexpected foes duke it out in rural Texas.

Whenever you're able to capture the interactions between two wildlife species, things can be a little unpredictable.

Sure, these encounters might happen outside of human eyesight or a camera lens, but with the proliferation of cell phones, the internet, and ultimate connectivity, scenes like this one can be shared far and wide.

With little more than some basic contextual commentary to go off us, we've detected this video must have come from somewhere near the headquarters of MB Ranch King Hunting Blinds in Joshua, Texas.

Would you ever expect to see a bobcat and a rattlesnake do this?

Amazing!!! Bobcat Vs Southern Pacific Rattlesnake! How incredible!

Posted by MB Ranch King Hunting Blinds on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Like many of the Facebook commenters, we're dying to know how it ended!

The video's description claims it was a southern Pacific rattlesnake, which actually isn't known to call Texas home. We'll excuse the uploader, mainly because it's too tough to decipher exactly what kind of snake it is due to the distance of the camera shot.

Nonetheless, it's almost certainly a rattler (you can see the rattle in a few quick snippets), and that bobcat is almost certainly playing with fire.

However, bobcats are known to attack and eat snakes, rattlesnakes included, when the opportunity for a meal presents itself.



Bobcat and Rattlesnake Tussle in the Middle of a Texas Road