Hey, You! You're Way Overdue to See Some Dogs Hit the Dirt

You're way overdue to see some coyotes hit the ground. Watch a sharp-shooting shotgunner take out some dogs with extreme prejudice.

It's been way too long since you've seen some 'dogs', up close and personal, having a lead breakfast.

Here are some fine examples of predator control at its finest. When the dogs get this close it's go time. Wait until you see one 'yote attack the squawk box! Would you be ready for the shot?

Watch some great shooting right here:

Just when we were longing for a hunt, along comes some excellent footage of coyote control and the way they do it!

Make sure to keep up on your local regulations as furbearer hunting is not open year round in all states. Know your limits, exercise caution when needed, and above all practice, practice, practice because when the dogs come in this close you had better be ready.

Where do we sign up to take out some predators with a scatter gun?