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29 Long Range Coyote Kills [VIDEO]

A pair of hunters show some outstanding marksmanship with 29 coyote kills.

It’s one thing to get so many quality, one-shot kills at such range; it’s another thing to get it all recorded. There’s some great long-distance shooting here, and it’s all captured on video.

Coyotes beware.

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An excellent rifle goes a long way towards predator control, whether you’re putting the crosshairs on a wood chuck, or targeting coyotes at several hundred yards. As anyone who has hunted these wily critters knows, distance is sometimes the only way to have success.

Having the right gear is a great way to start. Scent control, camouflage, and motion are the key. Now that you’ve got a ‘yote in your sites, just remember: If you see one, there’s probably another one that you haven’t seen… yet.

Squeeze the trigger; don’t pull.

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29 Long Range Coyote Kills [VIDEO]