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The 6 Best Coyote Hunting Tactics of All Time [PICS]

These are the best coyote hunting tactics, tips and tricks. Follow this simple yet essential advice and your next coyote hunting excursion is sure to be a successful one.

When you go out to get these scavengers, remember these tips to have a successful trip.

1. Early bird gets the coyote.

Coyotes are nocturnal creatures so being out just before or just after the sun comes up, while they're still active from their nighttime wanderings, is essential.

Contemplating a radiant dawn

2. You can see them but they can't see you. 

Once the sun is up, position yourself strategically so the sun is at your back. The coyotes are less likely to spot you if they have to stare into the sun to find you. This is a great hunting tactic in general.

field on sunset


3. Utilize nature's camo.

This goes along with the second tip. If you are hunting on an especially clear morning it is essential to set up in a shaded area. When the sun is at your back and you are hidden in the shade you will be virtually invisible to your prey. Nature's camo is better than anything you can buy.

Owl Peeking from Behind Tree


4. Use a bipod.

This is an essential tip for pretty much all rifle hunting and shooting. Accurate shots depend on support and stability -- muscle tension wrecks this. Military snipers rely on bipods, you should too.

Modern Sporting Rifle

5. Make them come to you.

Find a call and decoy that you like and can operate. You need a prey call and some type of attractor. There are a plethora to choose from and they range from simple and cheap to more complex and expensive. The more basic calls are easy to use and fit in your pocket but don't have the range of some of the electronic calls. It's important to choose a decoy that has good movement to it.

Coyotes have great hearing and pick up the sound of your call. Once they lock onto the movement of the decoy they can come in so blindly you almost wouldn't believe it.


6. Don't miss.

Make your first shot count.


Be ready when you go out predator hunting. Coyotes are smart. But you are smarter.

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The 6 Best Coyote Hunting Tactics of All Time [PICS]