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Man Surprises Bear Rummaging Through Dumpster, Evokes Wild Response

If you ever find a bear in a dumpster, don't do this.

Bears and dumpsters go together like pancakes and syrup, and here's one such occurrence that should have been left well enough alone.

Since black bears—and every other kind—love a good free landfill lunch, it goes without saying that humans should avoid such contact like the plague. Getting some good video or pictures at the expense of your hide isn't worth the run in that this person could have had.

Having said that, here's what happened when one intrepid (and quite fortunate) person walked up to a clueless bear that was snacking in the local dumpster. Since the person in question got so close, it's wonder that this isn't a video about someone getting mauled.

It was amazing how fast that bruin got up and out of that bin. It just goes to show you how fast it could have gotten that man, had it wanted to.

Unless you are hunting them and have all of the equipment—including your favorite firearm—don't ever try to get this close to a bear! As we all know, bear hunters will tell you harrowing tales of run-ins with bruins that left them in awe of their strength and audacity when it comes to humans.

They don't care because they may just think that you are on the menu!

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