Here's Something You've Probably Never Tried Before: Micro-fishing

Most anglers are trying to catch the biggest fish they can, but have you heard of micro-fishing?

Just like it sounds, it's trying to catch small fish in small water sources. Take a look.

Nick Calcara of Edwardsville, Ill., has a YouTube channel dedicated to this different side of the sport.

On 618 Fishing, Calcara visits small ponds and creeks with ultralight gear to see if anything bites. Most of what he catches isn't larger than baitfish purchased at a store.

He posted his first video on YouTube two years ago this May. Since then, his micro-fishing videos have been viewed more than 14.5 million times.

His setup usually includes tiny hooks, bobbers and chopped-up hot dogs.

Calcara says his micro-fishing comes from his youth. As a kid, he says he loved to catch small fish and reptiles in a little net he had.

He says he just thinks it's cool that tiny fish can live in tiny amounts of water.

Okay, Calcara isn't just about micro-fishing. He also posts videos of himself catching some whoppers, like a blacktip shark in Florida.

But he gets just as excited catching a fingerling bass as he does catching a big hog.