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8 Anglers Catch Big Fish on Really Tiny Rods

tiny rods

Think you need heavy-class fishing rods to catch big fish? Think again!

Nothing beats a battle with a big fish. Almost funny to watch, these anglers fight some big fish while using some of the smallest rods you could find, making for a very odd picture.

They feel the bump, set the hook, and games begin as they manage with the tiny poles.

Seeing that rod bend all the way back to the reel is a sight to see. It leaves you wondering how much more the pole can take before it snaps and turns into a "the one that got away" story.

If you ever want to spice up your fishing a little bit, hit the water with a small rod and have some fun. Growing up and still to this day, I have enjoyed fishing for bass with my ultra-light pole. When you hook on to a 3lb bass, it feels like you're fighting that 10lb wall hanger you have dreams about.

Tiny rods make for some big fun.

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8 Anglers Catch Big Fish on Really Tiny Rods