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Here's Something You Don't See Every Day: Sow Grizzly Taxis Cubs Across River

A grizzly swimming is not that unusual of a sight, but it's darn near unheard of to see a sow grizzly with two cubs riding her back across the river.

Yes, you've probably seen video of grizzly bears swimming before. But have you ever seen a sow grizzly ferrying her cubs across a river on her back?

We'd call that a pretty unusual sight. And it begs the question: Just exactly how did mama grizzly communicate to her that they should climb up onto her back and hang on? I mean, these bruins look like they've taken this little boat ride before.

This scene was captured on the Agulowak River in - where else - Alaska. We almost expect the unusual from Alaska when it comes to wild critter behavior, so this makes perfect sense.

I like how as soon as the sow leaves the water the two little cubs just slide off of her back with the greatest of ease and experience. They then scamper after their mother without so much as a high-five or "We just got a boat ride!"

This just goes to show that animals can communicate with one another in ways that are still a little mysterious to us humans.

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