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Mother Bear Nurses 4 Cubs – She Has Her Hands Full!

This mother bear has her cubs well in line. They come when she calls and each takes his or her place at “the table” come feeding time.

Four cubs are high up in a tree, but when mama calls, down they come without so much as a complaint. Mother bear says it’s feeding time and the cubs step to it with admirable punctuality.

Each cub seems to be a different color, and they climb like they’ve been doing it forever. Bears teach their young how to climb with speed and efficiency, as witnessed by this video.

But once they’re all down mother bear calls them to her and she leans back to give them full access. It’s pretty adorable how she puts her paw around the nearest cub. And the one that climbs up under her chin? Well, he’s mama’s boy!

My Finnish is pretty rough, but I believe that this was filmed in the Martinselkosen nature reserve in the Kainuu wilderness of Finland only a few days ago.

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Mother Bear Nurses 4 Cubs – She Has Her Hands Full!