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Grizzly Bear Swims - Not Sleeps - With the Fishes

grizzly bear swims

A hungry grizzly bear swims with a ton of pink salmon, trying to catch one, but they spread out before him like the parting of the seas. Until...

This scene occurred in British Columbia, Canada, and is apparently a fairly common one in that neck of the woods. A determined grizzly bear swims in what looks like a river that is absolutely teaming with pink salmon. There are so many salmon, in fact, that it looks like you could practically walk across their backs.

The bear swims and dives under the water, trying to catch one of the fish, but they move out of the way leaving a buffer of a couple feet between themselves and the bruin. Until reassesses the situation and makes his move.

The bear moves to the side and sits still in the water. He allows the salmon to return to swimming naturally, when suddenly he lunges forward and into the finny mass. Up he comes with a salmon in his jaws!

Pretty clever, or just lucky (maybe he was just taking a little break, who knows?).

This video was posted by Knight Inlet Lodge, which is located north of Vancouver Island.

Another bear hops in the water as the video ends. I imagine this area is a regular feeding area for bears.

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Grizzly Bear Swims - Not Sleeps - With the Fishes