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The Alaskan Wilderness: "This is Where the Monsters Are" [VIDEO]


Four friends brave the Alaskan wilderness in search of adventure and monster pike. They find both.

Four friends from Stockholm, Sweden canoe the Innoko River, 500 miles from interior Alaska to the sea. Along the way they encounter all of the beauty, grandeur, drama and excitement such an heroic undertaking promises.

The Innoko runs into the mighty Yukon River and then out to the Bering Sea. It flows through the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge, a 3,850,000 acre wilderness accessible only by small aircraft and boat.

It is, as the film declares, "A wilderness beyond the wildest of fantasies."

Note: You'll have to click the Closed Caption [cc] link on the video to get the English translation of the narrative.

This video is a trailer for the film Big Fish Stories - Alaska!, a production of FreeWater Pictures. FreeWater Pictures is a documentary film company that describes itself as "Not just another production company. Jet fueled by the passion and happiness of being out in the nature, we love what we do, every day."

You can order the DVD of the completed film via their website location in Sweden, or from ReelHouse. ReelHouse bills the film as " extraordinary adventure. Intense bear encounters are interspersed unbelievable pike fishing and a wildlife without equal."

FreeWater Pictures has released several outstanding wilderness fishing videos, including Small Fish Stories - Surface Pike and one of my favorites fishing films, Small Fish Stories - Perch Madness.

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The Alaskan Wilderness: "This is Where the Monsters Are" [VIDEO]