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Here’s How a 12-Man MP Team Clears a Porta Potty

porta potty

This impressive military police unit demonstrates how to properly clear a porta potty the correct way.

Watch how our hardworking military men and women have a little fun and get their groove on by loading a portable toilet with an entire 12-man tactical crew.

This gives a whole new meaning to 'gotta hit the head.'

You're welcome.

The last soldier in just had to jump, didn't he?

Even though this is an old You Tube video from back in 2009, it's still hilarious! The uploader says that this is the 114th MP Co, but maybe they should change their name to the 114th PP EVAC.

In any event letting our brave military men and women blow off a little steam during their rigorous training schedule now and then allows these heroes to be human.

The laugh it gives the rest of us will make us all forget for a moment how real the danger is that they face and protect us from everyday.

What's next, an entire video of sleeping soldiers getting pranked? Yeah you can see that right here.


Here’s How a 12-Man MP Team Clears a Porta Potty