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This Is Why You Don't Fall Asleep in the Military [VIDEO]

fall asleep in the military

There are two ways to fall asleep in the military: every chance you get and never. 

When civilians think of the military, it is usually about how well-trained and brave they are, but this video of what happens when you fall asleep in the military shows us a side that outsiders don't generally get to see.

Thanks to Uniform Stories, we can get a look at what sometimes happens to those soldiers who choose to get a few minutes repose. It turns out, some people want laughs while others are left still wanting for sleep.

While this video is quite humorous, and meant to show off the lighter side of military life, please don't forget that these men and women are not simply spending their days goofing around.

The life of an active duty solider can be very tiring, demanding, and stressful. I, for one, am glad to see that there are many out there who, among all the dangers in their lives, are still willing to work for a few laughs.

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This Is Why You Don't Fall Asleep in the Military [VIDEO]