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Herd of Horses Gets Loose on Dangerous Atlanta Highway

Atlanta commuters had more than the average traffic woes to worry about this past weekend.

A herd of horses from Little Creek Horse Farm decided to take advantage of an open gate and wreak a little havoc Saturday morning. They left the safety of the pasture and found their way over to a busy highway. The horses ended up blocking cars on Highway 78 near a popular mall, but thankfully police were close on their tails.

Dekalb police learned about the extra horsepower making mayhem on the highway, and they were quick to respond. The usually fast-moving road was at a standstill while curious drivers watched the scene unfold and stuck their phones out open windows to catch everything on video.

The horses traveled far and fast, and it took a team of farm workers, trainers, a few helpful commuters, and police to get them off the road. Traffic was stopped to ensure the safety of both horses and people, and there were no injuries or accidents. Everyone on the road that morning made it to their destination with a story to tell.

Little Creek Horse Farm offers opportunities for children and adults to participate in equine activities and learn more about animals and life on a farm. They have a positive position within the community and are also home to an organization called Stride Ahead that involves people with special needs with equine-assisted therapy.

The farm posted on Facebook to update the public on their herd's unplanned road trip. They thanked Dekalb police for their efficient action and quick-thinking that led to smooth problem solving.

With so many horses loose on a busy road, the situation had potential to turn dangerous. All involved managed to stem the chaos, and all 10 horses are now safely back where they belong. Little Creek Horse Farm said they'll be taking steps to make sure their horses don't get loose again.

Have you ever had to deal with a herd of run-away horses? Let us know in the comments.

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