Helicopter Hog Hunting
YouTube: PigmanTV

Helicopter Hog Hunters Encounter Feral Hog Sounder of 40+ Animals, Take Them All Out

This is some serious feral swine control.

Feral hogs continue to be a huge nuisance for Texas and surrounding states. A large sounder of these animals can destroy an entire year's worth of work for a farmer in a single night if they are not kept in check. That is why population control methods are varied and somewhat extreme in their methods.

Helicopter hog hunting is one of the more unusual methods used for hog hunting. It allows hunters to take out large numbers of these animals in a short amount of time.

In today's video, YouTuber PigmanTV is helicopter hog hunting when the chopper comes across a line of 40+ hogs trying to make an escape across an open field. Armed with a pair of Beretta 1301 shotguns, he makes short work of the entire sounder. This is a hunt you must see to believe. Not one hog from this sounder leaves the field alive.

It may seem extreme to take out every one of these pigs, but scientists have estimated that up to seven out of every 10 hogs in Texas must be shot just to keep the population at a stable level.  When you also consider that a female hog may have two or more litters of piglets a year, the number just keeps climbing. At this point, Texas has no other choice than to do things like this, humans are having a hard time keeping up!

Normally when we see a video like this, the hunters are using AR-15 or AR-10 platforms. We cannot help but wonder if they were not expecting to encounter a sounder this large on this hunt because either of those guns would have made this much easier with an increased ammunition capacity. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end, although we imagine his shoulder is a bit worse for the wear after that many shotgun blasts in succession!

Do not worry, none of that meat is going to waste. Pigman says in the video's description that the meat is donated to charity groups who then distribute it to food pantries for the hungry. Other meat goes to Houston soup kitchens. We dig it, although we do not envy whoever had to gut and process them all! Still, helping with conservation and feeding people in need? Sounds like a win-win to us. Excellent shooting Pigman, keep up the good work!