Heckler & Koch Announces Downsized Civilian MP5 Variant, the SP5K-PDW

The new HK SP5K-PDW would be an excellent home defense weapon.

Heckler & Koch's latest new gun announcement is a big one sure to draw the attention of firearms enthusiasts everywhere. Drawing on the popular trend of producing civilian versions of police and military firearms, the new SP5K-PDW is the civilian version of the HK MP5K-PDW.

Officially designed to fit the definition of a civilian pistol, this 9mm firearm is sure to be a popular one among those looking for a compact self-defense weapon specifically designed for close quarters.

It may not be full auto like the real thing, but it has nearly every other feature of the iconic submachine gun. Here are all the details on this latest release from HK firearms.

A downsized civilian version of a classic firearm.

Technically, this is the second civilian SP5 variant H&K has released. Late last year they announced the SP5, which the company says was the semi-automatic civilian sporting version closest to the real thing used by police and special forces worldwide. They are even built in the same factory as the military versions by the same workers. The big difference between the MP5, SP5 and this new SP5K? The size.

In their promotional materials, the company notes that "K" in the name stands for the German word 'kurtz,' which means short. Nearly four inches have been cut off the overall length of the SP5K-PDW, which comes in at just 13.8 inches long and 8.66 inches high. The SP5K model's shorter barrel length comes in at just 4.5 inches long. The barrel has a tri-lug, Navy-style threaded adapter for even more customization.

With a shorter barrel and overall length comes a massive decrease in weight too. The SP5K-PDW weighs just 4.2 pounds empty. The company is offering two different magazine capacities with this gun. The standard model comes with either 15 or 30rd magazines, but they are also offering a compliant version with 10 round magazines for states that are a little less forgiving on what you can own. Whichever option you buy, H&K includes two magazines with each gun for a little added value.

H&K is promoting this new firearm as being loaded with "authentic features" of the real deal. Also included is a fluted chamber and a this firearm's signature paddle mag release. As far as internal workings, the Heckler & Koch SP5K uses a roller delayed blowback operating system to cycle the rounds. This is the same system used on the military version and was adapted over from the Heckler & Koch G3 rifle.

We are betting this firearm will be an immediate hit with anyone looking for a compact home defense weapon. These handguns are on the pricey side, but that is to be expected with a civilian version of a military and police firearm made with a high level of quality. The MSRP is $2,799 and extra magazines are $80 each. See www.hk-usa.com for more information.

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