How To Clean An H&K VP9 Handgun

How to Clean an H&K VP9 Handgun

Ever wonder how you should clean and disassemble a Kimber 1911 Custom II handgun? This video has simple and easy to follow instructions showing exactly how do to it.  

The H&K VP9 is a polymer framed, semi-automatic handgun produced by the German manufacturer Heckler & Koch that's chambered in 9mm Luger. The H&KVP9 is striker fired, which makes it more closely related to Glock handguns than older pistols like the 1911 that use a more traditional hammer fired system.

Each type of handgun has different strengths and weaknesses and this also means that instructions for cleaning and disassembly are slightly different as well. Fortunately, this H&K VP9 is well designed and it's relatively easy to field strip.

Actually cleaning this handgun is pretty simple as well and it should only take a few minutes to cleaning it, even if it's seen heavy use and is full of carbon and other gunk.

Watch the video to see exactly how to disassemble and clean an H&K VP9 that's really, really dirty.


As you can see, you don't need any special tools to disassemble the H&K VP9. It's also really easy to reassemble when you're done cleaning it.

You can probably also get away with using some pretty basic gun cleaning supplies if the handgun isn't very dirty.

However, a more specialized gun cleaning kit containing brushes, picks, a bore snake, and some pipe cleaners can really help get all the carbon and fouling out of the tough to reach spots if you've been doing some serious shooting.

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