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Heartwarming Video Shows the Bond People Share with Their Pets

Our pets are there for the happy times and the sad, and when they pass away, their memories live on.

Petsies put together a heartwarming video celebrating the bond people share with their pets. Known for their custom stuffed animals made to look exactly like real-life pets, Petsies is a company that knows pet owners.

The emotional video reminds everyone who has ever lost a dog just how rewarding being a pet owner can be. The interviews dive into the past to relive the special moments people shared with their dogs. There's Snickers, who lived 19 years and 4.5 months without leaving her owner's side, and Roxy, who stole the heart of a hesitant father.

Chris Lewis, part of the creative team at Petsies, told Wide Open Pets:

"Every person I talked to had such love, sincerity, and connection to their pets - something in their eyes that transcended the traditional 'owner/pet' dynamic. I saw firsthand how our pets can make us better people, and by seeing the warmth and tenderness the participants felt for their dogs, it made me want to be a better dog dad. I hope it makes others feel the same way."

Petsies surveyed more than 1,000 Americans to find out exactly what being a pet owner is worth. Around 65% of people would gladly give up coffee if it meant bringing their deceased pets back into their lives. Social media, sugar, a free trip around the world, even a dream job - pet owners would choose their dog's love first.

All the animals featured in the video played a special role in the lives of their humans. From changing their perspectives on life to being there for the silly things, all five pet owners spoke about their dogs with a mixture of contentment and heartache.

To spread holiday cheer, Petsies surprised each of the five pet owners with a special gift. They brought their pets "back to life" so they can share at least one more hug. The full video will tug at your heartstrings and serve as a reminder of what truly matters.

Lewis said:

"Quite simply, we hope this video reminds people to cherish the moments we have with our pets while we have them, and to not take our day-to-day for granted."

The Petsies stuffed animals in the video are perfect replicas of the real dogs they're modeled after. It's a gift that will be truly cherished. Visit their website to learn how you can bring a loved pet back to life.

I would love a custom plushie and can understand why pet lovers want a plush lookalike of their deceased pet. The idea of being able to hug any of my furry friends from the past literally brings tears to my eyes. A huggable custom plush Petsie is a wonderful idea!

The bond between all of us and our pets is unbreakable and just one more hug would certainly decrease my therapy bills.

The Petsies are done with an airbrushing technique of your beloved pet. The design team takes about six weeks to create the replica of your pet. All you have to do is submit a photo of your pet and a Petsie Custom Stuffed Animal is created for you. What a keepsake! Just visit Mypetsies.com and get the process started. For the first time, your pet will have its own mini-me.

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