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Harvey the Hurricane Hawk Is Almost Rehabilitated Already


Harvey's rehabilitation is going very well!

Remember Harvey the Hurricane Hawk? The injured Cooper's hawk was taken in by a Houston cab driver after flying into his vehicle to hide from Hurricane Harvey. Unlike many wild animals that were displaced by the storm, Harvey rode out the storm in the comfort of the cab driver's home before being taken by a wildlife center.

Now the center has posted an update that reveals "Harvey" is actually female and is already doing much better!

Her injuries are healing up quickly and Blackland Prairie Raptor Center will now be responsible for the end of her rehabilitation. The hawk is set to be released soon.

With all the damage and destruction this storm brought to Texas, it's good to see a really positive story come out of all of this. Congratulations on a job well done by both the TWRC Wildlife Center and William Bruso--the man who originally took the hawk in and sheltered her from the storm!


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Harvey the Hurricane Hawk Is Almost Rehabilitated Already