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Grandma Spends Days in Retirement Home Knitting Blankets for Cats

An elderly resident of The Bellettini retirement community in Bellvue, Washington, is keeping herself busy and spreading joy at the same time.

93-year-old Emma Eng has been spending her days knitting blankets for shelter cats, hoping it might provide them with a little extra comfort while they wait to find their forever homes.

Eng said in an interview with King 5 News:

"It's something to do. It keeps my hands busy and my brain engaged."

Eng's hands have been staying busy indeed - so far she's knit up to 40 blankets, and that number keeps rising.

All of Eng's creations will go to the cats kept in the care of Seattle Humane. According to Seattle Humane adoption manager Melody Stone, the cats are grateful for their generous gifts and using them to stay warm and comforted while they wait for that special someone to find them.

Stone told the news outlet:

"Without question. I mean security blankets go hand in hand. That's exactly how cats see them as. They're pleasure. They're warmth. They're everything."


For a current list of adoptable cats and dogs at Seattle Humane, you can visit their adoption page.

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