GoPro Fishing Lure
YouTube: KickinTheirBASSTV

Angler Rigs GoPro As a Fishing Lure and Catches a Bass On It

Will a bass really eat a GoPro?

GoPro cameras are one of the coolest developments for anyone who loves the outdoors. These compact cameras are simple to operate and can be mounted or used almost anywhere to capture a variety of outdoor adventures. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the creativity of using one.

So, it was probably just a matter of time before someone attached hooks to one and tried using it as a fishing lure. YouTuber KickinTheirBASSTV does just that. Attaching the hooks to the camera is no easy feat and the design goes through a few revisions.

Still, in the end, they succeed in landing a largemouth bass using a bulky largemouth bass as a fishing lure.

At this point we are convinced you can catch a bass on anything if you just happen to catch one in the right mood. If you throw something new and unusual that the fish have never seen before, it is likely going to at least catch their attention. The bass they caught on that GoPro was likely an exploratory bite. The fish wanted to see if this strange thing swimming through the water was edible or not.

Perhaps the bass was simply trying to kill what it saw as a dying animal. We may never know for sure, but we now know that bass will eat a GoPro. Which is a statement we never thought we would make.

Obviously, the GoPro was a tough sell to most of the fish because that bulky, boxy shape is not something usually seen in nature. Even with some reflective tape to add flash on the sides, it still took them two days to hook and land a bass on a camera. Kudos to these guys for having the patience and determination to make this catch happen. Although we do not expect cameras that cost several hundred dollars will become popular as lures anytime soon!

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