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Largemouth Bass Causes Hilarious and Expensive Drone Fishing Mistake

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Drone fishing can be costly if you're not careful.

Love them or hate them, it seems that drones are here to stay for at least the time being. Personally, I fall into the group that enjoys them because they're fun to fly and give a unique perspective on the world we might not have otherwise seen. Of course, almost from the moment they started getting popular, some people started looking for other uses for a drone.

One of the earliest uses people came up with was the concept of drone fishing. Yes, that's correct. Tying up a hook and line to a drone and flying it out over the water to reach those tough-to-fish spots. Some surf fishermen have used them to drag their hook out to deeper water they may not have otherwise reached.

Of course, one must be careful with an expensive piece of electronic hardware. Most drones are not waterproof. One false move on the sticks and you're looking at an expensive mistake. Or, in the case of this fishing video, a simple case of physics with a bass hooked on the other end, and you've got an expensive paperweight in a hurry!

It's not everyday one gets to see a flying bass! If that fish could talk, he would have some stories to tell his buddies after he was released. At least the fisherman was able to land the bass after the crash. It would have stunk to lose the fish after losing the drone.

We completely understand why he went for altitude after the bass struck and pulled the drone towards the water's surface. The only problem was that started the bass swinging and from there, physics took over and the drone was doomed to a watery fate.

The drone operator side of me cringes when I see that expensive piece of hardware hitting the water. The fisherman side of me is laughing at this poor guy's misfortunate. Hey, I don't feel too bad about it since the drone's owner was also laughing about what happened. Still, that's a painful way to lose $400!

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Largemouth Bass Causes Hilarious and Expensive Drone Fishing Mistake