bass fish pulls drone into water
Wide Open Spaces, Slime Quest TV

Man Attempts Drone Fishing, Only to Lose Drone to Fish

Drones may be best known for amazing aerial shots of the landscape, but it didn't take long for anglers to come up with a more creative use for the remote-controlled fliers: drone fishing.

This practice involves tying a hook and a line to a drone and flying it out over the water to reach those tough-to-fish spots. Some surf fishermen have used them to drag their hook out to deeper water they may not have otherwise reached. Others use it exactly like a rod, dropping a hook in easy-to-access water just because they can.

Of course, one must be careful with an expensive piece of electronic hardware—something Jeremy Burris of Slime Quest TV learned the hard way. The angler left his pole and headed out topwater fishing with his drone, and it wasn't long before he hooked a largemouth bass. The problem: Physics. It turns out, a flopping fish hooked on the other end of a drone turns into an expensive paperweight in a hurry!


It's not everyday one gets to see a flying bass! If that fish could talk, he would have some stories to tell his buddies after he was released. At least the fisherman was able to land the bass after the crash—the only thing rougher than losing his drone would've been losing his fish, too.

Burris is quick to point out he shouldn't have gone for altitude after the bass struck, since the further the fish got from the water, the harder it pulled to get back to it. The only problem was that started the bass swinging and from there, physics took over and the drone was doomed to a watery fate.

It's painful to watch a $400 drone be lost so quickly, but at least the angler had a good attitude about it at least: After he reeled them both in, he added, "The bass is going to be just fine, I'm not so sure about the drone."