The Good and the Bad of a Bush Rodeo

A bush rodeo is an area of a river that's full of wood debris, and fly fishing there can be tough.

As with most things a bush rodeo offers up both challenges and rewards. Watch this video and see this angler experience both good and bad scenarios.

As you just saw a bush rodeo is a tough area of the river to negotiate. If you can get around the debris however, these areas can be quite fruitful. It all depends on where and how you can get the fly to arrive naturally into the fish's space.

In these two scenes Dave Jensen could see the trout he was after and he knew what he had to do to land it. However, the first scene provided him with an opportunity to tire the brown out because he was pinned in the logs. In the second scene Jensen was prohibited from getting the fish into the net because it had more room to wiggle free.

In either case the bush rodeo was a necessary part of the fishing opportunity. When you come across one know how the river is flowing, and be sure to check your surroundings before casting.