This is How You Use Jerkbait to Hook Lunker Bass

Jerkbait will help you land a huge summer bass if you know how to use it correctly.

In this video you'll learn how to land big bass this summer using jerkbait. Pay attention and you'll discover how this bait is used to hook lunker bass.

That was the StickMinno from Unfair Lures and now you know how to fish with one. Jerking this bait should be done lightly, as the smallest pulls from the rod will produce big movements underwater.

It's best to use this jerkbait with a rod that's about seven feet long with fast action and a fast reel. The jerkbait will swim down to about three feet, so using 12 pound line is preferable.

When using this bait keep an eye out for structures like stumps and tree limbs since this bait will jerk harder that others. The action and coloring of the jerkbait is sure to attract hits from big bass if you stick to what you learned here.