This is Everything You Need to Know About Stump Fishing

Do you know how all there is to know about stump fishing?

In this video, a seasoned angler will show you how to fish in and around stumps. Learn how to properly go stump fishing and hook a lunker that might be hiding in these places.

When you're out fishing for bluegill, shad, or bass, remember all these fish take refuge in stumps, seeking cover and food. The best baits to use for stump fishing are square bill, spinners, and jigs. All these baits can be used the same way, but be sure to pause when you hit the stump to get a reaction from the fish.

Be sure to throw the bait a few feet away from the stump and try to pull the bait over the stump roots to find the fish. Depending on what bait you're using, you'll have to adjust you retrieval to make it look natural.

Also, take notice of where the fish are positioning themselves around the stump, as they typically chose one side or the other depending on flows and sun. Now you know more about stump fishing and what kinds of baits to use, and you never need to fear a stump again.