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Fly Fish with a Dropper/Hopper Rig Like a Professional

The hopper/dropper Rig is one all fly anglers need to have in their arsenal.

When using the hopper/dropper rig, you're giving the fish two options to hit your line, and it's not too hard to tie. Watch this video and learn how to set up this rig before your next angling adventure.

To set up this rig, start with the dry fly and put the nymph about 18 inches down the line from the bend in the hook. The nymph will settle down in the drop off and the dry fly doubles as an enticing meal for rising fish and an indicator for nymph hits.

Did you see how the cutthroat hit the dry fly? The hopper/dropper is designed to be a versatile rig for hit just like that. Even thought the nymph didn't get hit, it was still there as another option for the hungry fish.

As Rob Parkins explained, the hopper/dropper rig is best used in water with a low ripple which is under two feet in depth. This video was filmed in Idaho in case you were wondering where that beautiful cutthroat was caught.


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Fly Fish with a Dropper/Hopper Rig Like a Professional