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This Golden Retriever's Hiccups Make the Cutest Sound Ever

Hiccups can be scary and confusing, especially for a puppy. Some pups (like this little guy!) just don't know what to do. When they are so tiny, their entire body shakes when they hiccup, causing a bit of a chain reaction. Malibu the golden retriever, posted the cutest puppy hiccup video to her TikTok page, @malibu.the.golden. The sweet pup sits on the bed, looking a little perplexed as to what the heck might be going on.


Help me I have hiccups!! ? #fyp #foryou #goldenretriever #dogtok

? original sound - Malibu

Malibu has the sweetest face, but as the hiccups keep coming, her eyes look rather sad. She even gives one of the signature puppy head tilts, like she is trying to figure out what is happening in her head. After another hiccup, she raises her little pleading eyes to the camera, almost like she's asking for help. Don't worry, Malibu—they'll go away soon!

It's easy to see why viewers fell in love with Malibu and her hiccups. But what caused this affliction in the first place?

According to the American Kennel Club, scientists aren't exactly sure why are small furry companions get the hiccups so often. It could be that they eat or drink water too fast and the hiccups are a result. However, hiccups also happen when pups they are sleepy, excited, or cold. The AKC points out that the hiccups may also be a way for pups to get out some extra gas, which would make sense. While your pooch may look a little perplexed while hiccuping, don't worry. They will go away on their own and your pup will be back to the zoomies in no time.

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