golden dorado

Golden Dorado on the Fly Are a Flat Out Rush

Fishing for golden dorado in the jungle has to be high on anyone's bucket list. 

I just checked. Amtrak doesn't run to Bolivia. Well, at least any routes that I could find. Looks like if you are going to make this trip, a travel agent is going to have to be in order. If by some chance, you can make fishing in Tsimane for golden dorado a reality, you should do it. This is a trip that every fly fisherman should have the opportunity to take at least once in a lifetime.

Seriously though, just watch below and see for yourself why golden dorado on the fly might just be the ultimate fish to chase with a whippy stick.

Some of those strikes are insane. Some of those jumps are even more crazy. Could you just image fighting one of those things yourself waist deep in the jungles of South America? I'm headed to Belize this spring to chase some saltwater species but I'd trade those in a heartbeat if there was a chance I could make my way inward and catch one of those bad boys.

On second thought, I better call my travel agent.