Goldberg M2 Browning
YouTube: Demolition Ranch

Professional Wrestler Goldberg Fires the Mighty Browning M2 Machine Gun

The M2 Browning Machine Gun is next!

When it comes to firearms designs standing the test of time, the M2 Browning machine gun may be the most impressive to date. For nearly 100 years, this powerful .50 caliber has been a favorite of nearly every branch of the U.S. Military for both its power, accuracy, and reliability.

This is one of those guns that everyone should get a chance to shoot at least once in their life. Just to say they did. Recently, Matt of Demolition Ranch just happened to buy one. And Matt has been hanging out with professional wrestling legend Goldberg in recent weeks.

So, it was only natural for Matt to invite Goldberg out to the range for the first run with the M2 Browning. It does not take these guys long to run through what was likely several hundred dollars of ammunition!

The M2 Browning is a huge gun, weighing well over 100 pounds with that large tripod you saw here. Goldberg still manages to make this machine gun look small. The destruction unleashed by the M2 was extremely impressive to witness. No wonder the military is not in a hurry to retire this design. Do not fix it if it is not broken!

The M2 is not just a close-range weapon either. It has an effective range well over 2,000 yards. In fact, famous snipers like Marine Gunnery Sgt Carlos Hathcock used a modified one as a sniper rifle during the Vietnam war. He recorded a confirmed kill at over 2,500 yards with it!

Considering that .50 BMG currently costs around $5 a round, it looks like these guys went through a few hundred dollars during this day at the range. Not exactly something you are going to use plinking every day. Still, we look forward to seeing more of the M2 in future Demolition Ranch videos. We also really enjoyed Goldberg's guest appearance. We hope he becomes a regular in future videos.

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