M2 Browning
YouTube: Military Archive

U.S. Sailors Put the Mighty M2 Browning Machine Gun Through Its Paces in Training Exercise


The M2 Browning is the perfect weapon for our nation's ships.

Ever since the M2 Browning machine gun was first introduced almost 90 years ago, it has proven to be a firearm that stands the test of time. A short recoil operated firearm, the M2 is heavy and powerful. While it is not really meant to be toted around by ground troops, it works great for fixed positions and vehicles.

So, it's not surprising to see these guns used extensively on the war ships that help protect America's coastal regions and provide support to troops around the world.

For some warships, because weight is not an option, the engineers have decided to double things up for even more firepower. Yep, not one, but two M2s. Just watch the video of the training exercise above and you'll see why no one wants to mess with American ships.


For those unfamiliar with the firearm, the M2 fires a 12.7x99mm round. It is also known better as ".50 BMG" and for simple ball ammo like this, it can cost upwards of $5 a round. That's one expensive training exercise!

Ever since the M2 was first introduced back in the 1930s, it has been used in every major conflict the United States has been involved with because of its versatility and impressive firepower.

The rounds from this gun can reach a blistering 3,000 feet per second and the Browning has an effective range out over 1,000 yards making it quite the intimidating force. No wonder so many tanks, planes and ships have these guns mounted on them.

So many of John Browning's firearms are still in use today because they are such great designs. We honestly would not be surprised to see the M2 being used by the military for another 100 years.


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