M2 Browning
YouTube: Vickers Tactical

Witness the Destructive Capability of the M2 Browning Machine Gun in Slow Motion

The M2 Browning machine gun packs a heck of a punch!

When it comes to firearms that have stood the test of time, the M2 Browning machine gun is one of the most successful firearms ever. It has been a part of every major conflict the United States has been involved with since the gun's introduction in 1933.

An improvement of John Browning's design of the water-cooled M1917 machine gun, the short recoil operated M2 is an air-cooled design that hurls 12.7x99mm or ".50 BMG" rounds downrange at nearly 3,000 feet per second.

In this video from Vickers Tactical, Larry teams up with some modern manufacturers of the M2, Ohio Ordnance Works, to showcase the M2's incredible destructive capabilities. Watch as they test this awesome weapon on a cinder block wall and a car.

Watching a video like this, it is easy to see why this one of the U.S. Military's go-to machine guns for tanks, Humvees and armored personnel carriers. No on wants to be on the wrong end of a .50 caliber Browning. When someone gets hit with this gun, odds are they are not getting back up. Even standing behind a cinder block wall, your odds of survival are slim.

Obviously, they put some Tannerite in that car to make it blow up like that, but that does not lesson the M2's destructive capabilities any. Anybody who was sitting in that car would not be having a good day. In fact, any enemy combatants who tried to hide behind it would likely not be safe either.

Considering that .50 BMG ammo goes for $2-5 a round, these guys burned through a ton of money with all this fun at the gun range. Totally worth it to experience the awesome capabilities of this machine gun first-hand.

The design of the M2 is so good, we cannot see our armed forces replacing it anytime soon. It just goes to show that a quality firearms design almost never goes out of style!

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