Goat Cooler System

New GOAT Cooler System Offers Modular Storage for Your Outdoor Adventures

Newly-formed GOAT BOXCO introduces a fascinating new modular cooler system.

All outdoorsmen and women need a good cooler and plenty of storage for whatever life brings them in their wilderness adventures and the engineers at a new company, GOAT BOXCO, have come up with a unique way to combine a new cooler design with a food and gear storage system that is sure to be useful to anyone who loves spending time outside.

Called the GOAT cooler system, it features a modular design where people can customize the storage to fit their individual needs.

Here's all the details on this interesting new system that's sure to draw heads whether you're tailgating a high school football game or simply hanging around deer camp. The other great thing is that the company just dropped the price of the cooler to $399. Here's everything you need to know about your new go-to cooler system.

The Hub

At first glance, this may appear to be a standard heavy-duty cooler, but appearances can be deceiving. The Hub is a broto-molded cooler designed to keep ice frozen longer. That means your drinks and food stored inside will stay fresher longer too. GOAT BOXCO says the cooler has enhanced cool wall depth to help with keeping everything frosty inside. It's a large cooler. That's why they've added marine-grade nylon rope handles to make it easier to haul to the beach, boat or RV with ease.

The thing that sets the Hub apart from other coolers is the extra storage. You may have already noticed the four corners of the cooler. These are extra storage areas using GOAT's modular storage system known as "The Can" system. What's that? Well, it's a place to put whatever your heart desires. Cooking ware, kitchen utensils, hunting gear, fishing equipment. Whatever you want to store inside. GOAT says the individual and removable CANs are made from a durable polycarbonate to withstand years of abuse. For a little bit of extra storage on the front, they also sell a small cargo net that attaches to the front.

It seems GOAT BOXCO was not content with simply building a cooler with extra storage. Instead, they're partnering with some major outdoor brands to build several pre-packaged cooler variants based on some of the more popular practical applications people use coolers for.

"GOAT is not just another cooler brand," GOAT BOXCO founder Jack Robbins said in a press release. "Our team has devoted extensive research in the thoughtful design of this multifaceted system to disrupt the space and reinvent the functionality of coolers in a whole new way. We're thrilled to team up with the best brands in the industry and we are grateful for the work of our extremely talented crew in launching the GOAT brand."


GOAT BOXCO is teaming with familiar outdoor industry names like UCO, MyMedic, ReadyWise, Katadyn, HydraPak, Havalon, Sea to Summit, Dizzy Pig, Argali, NOCO and more on the designs for the CANS. The company sells just plain empty CANS like that pictured above. These you can fill with whatever you like, but they are also selling pre-packaged CANS that hold a variety of useful items that are ready for adventure.

For instance, the Basic First Aid CAN is just that, a complete first aid kit with a variety of bandages, medic packs, burns packs, and even some simple medications for illness. Speaking of illness, it's hard to go anywhere without hearing about the current Covid-19 pandemic. Yep, GOAT has a CAN for that too. The Pandemic CAN includes KN95 masks, nitrile gloves and hand sanitizer.

Other CANS being offered by the company include fire starter CANS, water purification, nutrition, basic shelter, power boost and "favorite flavors" for all the dedicated camp chefs looking to spice up that next camp dinner.

Cooler Packages and The RACK

In addition to just customizing the standard HUB made to be filled with empty CANS, GOAT BOXCO is selling different cooler variations pre-packaged for different outdoor purposes. For instance, "The Tag Out" is built with hunters in mind. It includes a first aid can, a whitetail deer field dressing can, a hunt nutrition can, and a wild game flavor can for helping to grill up those fresh backstraps. Meanwhile, "The Mariner" includes first aid, fish and seafood flavors, a dry sack and a power boost can for your electronics.

Two of the more serious bundles include "The Basecamp" and "The Kitchen Sink." Each offers multiple cans that can be switched out depending on the situation in hand. Basecamp contains more camping gear like fire starters, hydration packs and basic shelter. The Kitchen Sink is more food-focused with a general nutrition kit, favorite flavors and a dry sack.

Realizing that customers who buy the CANS will likely find this product useful for everyday storage, GOAT BOXCO is also selling "The Rack" which is meant to be a garage or mudroom-based storage system where you can store up to eight CANS in one location. This means quick swapping the storage systems in and out of the cooler based on what you're using it for that day. It also means quick access in case you need something like a first aid kit while working in the garage. A nifty idea to give more use to the system.

For more information on GOAT BOXCO, the Hub Cooler and CAN system, check out their website at goatboxco.com.

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