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The DENY Cooler Lock: The Best Way to Stop Cooler Thieves

If you've ever had to hide your cooler or feared someone will come and steal it one day, this is for you.

Let's face it, coolers aren't cheap. I'm not talking about the foam bucket you bought at Walmart on your way to the pond last week, I'm talking about your high-end, Yetis, Mantas and Cabela's coolers. Since these coolers became popular, thieves have stopped at nothing to try and score a few bucks. This leaves you stuck trying to hide or lock your cooler inside, where you likely don't have any room.

That's where DENY Locks steps in.

You can pretty much put this lock anywhere there a surface. DENY's IronFist base anchors to the bed of your truck, the deck of your boat, or wherever you want it . The J-shaped DENY StiffArm shackle fits the slot on your cooler and then locks into the base.

Premium coolers have been one of the most reported stolen products in the United States over the past two years.

To see more, check out DENY Locks website.

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