Here are 6 Coolers That are Definitely Worth the Money

These are the six best coolers out there, for the hunter, angler or outdoorsman who needs one to perform.

Coolers are everywhere. From the cabin to the fishing boat, or the campsite to the backyard barbeque, it's tough to go more than a day in the summertime without spotting at least a cooler or two.

However, in most cases, the coolers that most consumers buy to keep their cold cuts and beverages cold for a boat trip or an outdoor party aren't the ones that die-hard hunters or campers are willing to invest in. The average cooler is fine for keeping drinks cold for an afternoon, but for a long camping or fishing trip, superior ice retention (preferably between five days and two weeks) is what's necessary.

That kind of long-term insulation is only provided by the rugged, heavy-duty coolers created specifically for camping, fishing, or hunting obsessives, a market niche that has been dubbed as the "ice chest" market in many circles.

View the photos below to learn about the best and most durable of these coolers that this particular market has to offer.