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Goat Caddies Are the Newest Attraction at This Oregon Golf Course

Everybody loves a goat, even golfers. 

The popularity of goats has skyrocketed in recent years; they have made it into yoga, yard maintenance, Christmas tree disposal, and more. Now they're taking over the golf course — as goat caddies.

This unique service is the idea of The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch, in Seneca, Oregon, and will be available on its new seven-hole course called "McVeigh's Gauntlet" in the summer of 2018.

The resort told Golf Digest that the goat caddies will be raised and trained right on the ranch, and equipped with a special pack so that they can tote many of the necessary golfing items like drinks, golf balls, tees, and even a few golf clubs.

Silvies owner Dr. Scott Campbell said:

"We're taking the golf experience at Silvies Valley Ranch to a new level in 2018. We've been developing an unprecedented caddie training program with our head caddie, Bruce LeGoat, to ensure that he and his team are ready for the opening of The Gauntlet this summer. We're truly redefining both goat and golf operations at the ranch. Can you think of another course where its caddies were literally born, raised and fully educated on-property? We will get you a caddie who really knows the course and won't give you any bad advice - and they work for peanuts!"

Goats are smart, trainable, and surefooted, making them the perfect caddie ... as long as you keep an eye out for shin-butting and snack stealing.

Would you like to go golfing with a goat as your caddie? Will you visit this Oregon golf course? Share your thoughts below!

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