Giant Feral Hogs
YouTube: Ultimate Night Vision

Hunters Cull Multiple 400+ Pound Feral Hogs From a Farm in a Single Night

These hunters had a night of hog hunting to remember.

As feral hogs continue to terrorize Texas, it seems like these animals are growing larger than ever before. Swine topping 300 or 400 pounds seem to be becoming more common. That's bad news for native wildlife and for farmers hoping to protect their crops.

In most instances, hogs topping the 250-pound mark seem to be isolated incidents where only one animal in a sounder grows to that size. Sounders with multiple animals over 300 or 400 pounds seem to be exceedingly rare.

Yet that is exactly what the hunters with Ultimate Night Vision encounter in this video. These animals are massive and they're causing a lot of damage. Watch as they end the reigns of terror by these hogs for good with some quality night vision and suppressed rifles.

This was easily one of the most amazing hog hunting videos we have seen in a long time here at Wide Open Spaces. It seems obvious hunters have not hit this farm in a long time. Those hogs were extremely fat after destroying hundreds of acres of crops. The farmer likely lost thousands of dollars to these beasts rooting up his fields every single night. Fortunately, these sounders were finally scattered and the fattest animals in the bunch have taken permanent dirt naps.

If you have followed the YouTube channel Ultimate Night Vision for a while, you know these hunters have culled thousands of hogs. This hunt may have been a once-in-a-lifetime event since they have never seen a hog over the 400-pound mark before, let alone multiple 400-pounders in one hunt.

At that size, these animals aren't just a danger to crops. They could also be a danger to domestic animals, pets, and possibly humans too. Good shooting fellas, thanks for your hard work combating the feral hog problem!

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