Genius Tweet Proves the Best Way to Clip a Dog's Nails

Just put the dog in a purse! 

Clipping a dog's nails can be tough when they hate it. Taking the dog to the groomer can be expensive and equally aggravating if they know where they're going...

That's why this method is pure genius.

Twitter user Kendal Peifer shared a photo of her dad clipping their French Bulldog's nails using ingenuity that only a dad could pull off.

First, he bought a purse. "Literally" bought it, Kendal stresses in her Tweet the way only a millennial can. It looks to be a cheap pleather bag that could probably afford to be cut up. Twitter users were quick to point out that it was no Gucci...

Then he cut the front of the bag off, along with four holes so the family dog could fit comfortably.

Hung from a pull-up bar that hangs sturdily in the doorway, the purse becomes a dog sling.

dog getting his nails cut

Next comes, what used to be known as, the hard part: trimming the doggie nails. But instead of the Frenchie squirming around and running away, he hangs there, stuck, but in a comfortable way, don't worry.

The dad makes sure to put his headlamp on and sits on his knees in order to do the best job he can with the clippers. He's a dad, after all. Thorough is his middle name.

The dog looks like he forgets why he hates this chore so much. But soon he'll be let out of the purse and free to run around. The dog's toenails will be trim and less of a nuisance. He won't slip as much on the wood floors and his nails won't scratch the finish.

This nail trimming spa day was a positive experience for everyone involved. Including the 334 thousand dog owners who liked the Tweet and gave Kendal's dad marriage proposals...

Does your dog hate having his nails trimmed? Will you try this innovative idea? Tell us in the comments below. 

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