Never Worry About Overflowing a Water Trough Again

Thanks to a genius gas nozzle, overflowing a trough because you forgot to turn the water off will be a thing of the past. 

Genius alert! Are you tired of dealing with frozen fingers while you hold the hose nozzle to fill up water buckets in the winter? Or worse, have you flooded out entire paddocks when you forget that you're filling the water trough for the horses? Water overflow is a mistake that can be costly both in terms of your water bill and the mud or ice that results. But now, you never have to worry about overflowing a water trough again.

The solution is so simple that it seems absurd that no one's thought of it - until now. Because it comes down to a simple object that we all use at least once a week.

Enter, your new hose nozzle.

Yes, that's the nozzle that every gas pump in the country is equipped with, but it's fitted to a hose. It solves so many problems, including overflowing a water trough, because this nozzle shuts off as soon as liquid goes over the water line and makes contact with the head. It's a great solution that will make filling buckets and water troughs simple - and failsafe.

There are other benefits of this nozzle, though. Notice how it doesn't impede the water flow or water pressure, like some smaller nozzles do? It's comfortable to hold, and you can even set the nozzle to dispense water without having to squeeze it continuously. Less hand fatigue, more comfort, and maybe even fingers that you can feel during the winter? It doesn't get any better.

Gotta have one? You can order one here.

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