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Gear Review: The ProWild 2 Hunting Rangefinder

The ProWild 2 hunting rangefinder is TecTecTec's newest innovation and it doesn't disappoint.

The ProWild 2 is a compact, hunting rangefinder that comes with everything you need. It features a shock-resistant case, a complimentary CR2 battery, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a wrist strap.

This new version of TecTecTec's rangefinding technology comes on top of last year's reasonably priced, full-camo-patterned unit. The first ProWild was touted for ability to deliver speed readings in yards per seconds or meters per second, as well as distance in yards or meters.

While it isn't entirely waterproof, it is made to be water-resistant, which is certainly a big plus in the treestand. This laser rangefinder comes with a free CR2 battery, which everyone can appreciate. And, as I found out with the original model, the 6X magnification of the viewing lens is crystal-clear.

ProWild 2


The ProWild S may be the model hunters are really looking for. With angle compensation, hunters can calculate the actual distance and true ballistic distance for accurate shots. Additionally, it has the same continuous-scan mode that gives hunters even more confidence.

The ProWild 2 may be even better for bowhunting, and could certainly be used as a golf rangefinder, too. This premium rangefinder comes with a great shock-resistant case and a durable body, but personally I preferred the soft-sided case and simple snap release that came with the original.

The hard case of the ProWild 2 is a little clunky in the backpack. However, it still gives the unit much better protection from a potential fall.

The first model I used had a distinct oak tree camo pattern (as did the ProWild S) that set it off as a hunting tool. The ProWild 2 is solid green, which as any hunter will tell you is OK, but it isn't camo.

ProWild 2


The first unit also has a speed mode to determine your target's pace, where the PW2 does not.

The bottom line is that these are all great products that have an easy setup and rainproof body. The ProWild 2 comes in at a price of $149.99, the ProWild S $129.99 and the ProWild $99.99. They each have similar options, yet they're all a little different.

TecTecTec's ProWild laser rangefinder definitely works great in the field, is accurate as heck and is fast-and-simple to use. The PW2 version is the most accurate with +/- 0.3-yard measurement capability. It has accurate readings up to a 540-yard range and a one-year warranty to boot so it may just be worth your while to check it out!

Photos courtesy TecTecTec

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