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Review: The ProWild Rangefinder is as Easy to Use as It is on Your Wallet

The ProWild hunting rangefinder from TecTecTec! is here and ready for comparison to more expensive models.

At just over $100, the ProWild rangefinder may not have all the bells and whistles of some higher priced units, but its ease of use, clarity in the lens, and relatable features combine for a decent and competent rangefinder that will last you many seasons in the field.

One outstanding feature of this unit is its ability to measure your target's speed in either yards per second or meters per second, along with the capacity to give you distance in either yards or meters with the touch of a button.

The good folks at TecTecTec! gave me one to try out, and just in time for the opener of firearms deer season here in New York. Here's how it faired under the pressure of multiple live deer hunts.

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When you pull it out of the box, you immediately can feel the lightweight body inside of its very sleek carrying case. The woodland oak forest camo pattern looks sharp and blends in perfectly.

It comes with the battery included, but one issue that I had right off the bat was getting the battery cap to secure properly.

It's listed as "rainproof" and was about to get tested exactly in that way. The opener of firearms season was a rainy one, and I made sure to use the ProWild thoroughly, even leaving it dangling off of my tree climber by its included strap for the duration.

Verdict: It came through with flying colors.

ProWild rangefinder

Maybe the thing that I liked about it the most was one of the underrated and often overlooked features of some rangefinders: the utter clarity of the 6X lens which focused easily and quickly. The ProWild ranges up to 540 yards and was about to undergo one more test that I had proven the year before.

I harvested a nice eight-point on the opener in 2016 and had the distance estimated at 85 yards. After the season I literally took a 200-foot reel tape and measured it from the base of my tree to the spot where the deer stopped: 267 feet or 89 yards.

The ProWild consistently measured the distance to the nearest tree at 87 yards.

At $129.99 and a four-and-a-half star rating by other users you can have a rangefinder that won't break your budget. It may not have options like angle range compensation or true ballistic range, but if you are looking to hunt mountainous or long-range prairie regions then there are other options available.

The bottom line is that I used it many times in many conditions. It is easy to pack, quiet, and the instructions are a breeze. For the average hunter this is a great and affordable option to get going on distance and speed range that will last and last!