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Video: The Big Pike Are Already Coming Through the Ice

Here’s a great look at an early-season pike in upper Minnesota.

It’s still early in the season, even in the northern part of Minnesota, so keep vigilant about the ice you’re standing on.

After confirming the ice is safe and setting up with the right bait, you may be pulling a pike like this out of the ice!

Here’s the video:

After only 5 minutes of fishing Hunter hooked into a 37.5” Northern Pike on Upper Red Lake. This fish was pulled up through a 6” hole! The advantage of using a smaller diameter bit means you can get through the ice quicker and use less propane. Follow our page to see how Hunter and Grant finish out the trip.

Posted by Jiffy Ice Drills on Sunday, November 26, 2017

We’d like to thank the Jiffy Ice Drills Facebook page for sharing this great early-season pike catch from Upper Red Lake!

All ice anglers that are ready, willing, and able to get out on the ice should check with their local forecasters and community fishing pages for up-to-date info on weather conditions.

We want you to be safe and successful so that you can keep sharing great experiences like this one!


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Video: The Big Pike Are Already Coming Through the Ice