full auto glock 17 pistol

You Don't Want to Miss Hickok45 with his Full Auto Glock 17

This Glock 17 is quite different from anything you own.

It is modified to shoot full auto. Check out Hickok45 shooting this full auto Glock 17 Pistol.

Yeah, we know you probably know all about the Glock 17 pistol. Well, this one is a little different then the one you have in your gun cabinet. It has a switch that allows regular semi-automatic firing as well as full auto shooting. Now that is quite the range toy.

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The great Hickok45 gets trigger time with this Glock 17 with this "fun switch" on it. Flower pots, tin cans and water bottles all meet a sad end to the superior up-close-and-personal fully automatic Glock 17 pistol.

We always send a special thanks to Hickok45 for finding, shooting and sharing interesting firearms in his great videos. You sir certainly have the connections to get a hold of some really awesome firearms.